intimate Family Sessions

Just going to a pretty park with matching outfits and perfect smiles is not your only option now for family sessions. In fact, even though I still get those standard photos during your session, they are never my focus or my passion.

I know you love to see your little ones smile and laugh, but let me tell you the secret to the shots you usually have to bribe them for.. let them be THEM. When they aren't concerned if they are disappointing you or not, the kids ( and you!) get so much more comfortable and everyone has a lot more fun! 

I am all about the adventure, what do you like to do together as silly as it sounds, fashion shows, ice cream and board games, hiking, carving pumpkins or fireworks..whatever it is, I'M IN! 

I offer a variety of ways to book your session. Not only is there photos but I also give you the option to add short and longer videos of your day. Because of different time lengths, travel, and photo and product options, investment varies. 

45 Minute Intimate family sessions start at $225 without video 

To inquire about your ideas and scheduling a session with me, fill out this contact form and I will give you all of your options!

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