Laurel & Ian's Franklin Park Conservatory Engagement Session

I'm not sure what I do to bring me the best clients, but it happens, and Laurel & Ian are one of those couples. Truth be told, they knew another one of my awesome couples, and I am so glad because I had so much fun spending time with them. 

It was already pretty hot (I know, how dare I say hot in Ohio!) not to mention humid, but they didn't let that stop them from enjoying our time. We got to wonder around the conservatory, which is so beautiful, and then we ended our session walking around the grounds of the garden. I love this since their wedding will be here in September at the new barn! Check

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Angela & Matt's OSU Engagement: Mirror Lake and The SHOE!

I got in contact with Angela through another bride (thank you!) and I had so much fun exploring OSU campus with them. Since Matt and Angela met in college there, they thought it would be the perfect place to go to celebrate this next step in their life. Their adorable pup Mila joined us at the lake and then we headed to the OSU Shoe where we got to get on the field and take over for an hour! We had way too much fun, which I think you will see. 

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Elina & Graham's Elopement and Reception in Columbus Classic Bistro

Maybe it's that I was excited to hear from an old college friend, or maybe it's that it is always a compliment when a photographer trusts you to take their photo, but I was so happy to shoot this wedding a couple of weeks ago. Whenever I get to experience a new culture or a new food at an event, I know I am going to have a great night.

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Adriana & Yvener's Wedding at the Amelita Mirolo Barn!

It is hard for me to believe that I am actually posting this. I have been friends with Adriana since high school and since then we have written many a letter and made many many changes in our life! Through it all, she has always been an amazing friend, so when she asked me to shoot her wedding, I was beyond thrilled! I had only met Yvener once before for their engagement photos, but I had heard a lot more through letters and spending time together when she was in Columbus. 

It is undeniable how much these two love each other when you see them together, it makes my heart smile. Great couples balance and support each other, and most importantly, laugh(a lot)! 

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Miller's Signature Albums: A Formal Introduction

When I first began shooting weddings, I searched tirelessly to find the perfect album company. I wanted something that everyone would like, that had reliable customer service, great prices, and quality product. Sounds easy, right?!! Wrong! Until I went to WPPI and saw Miller's Lab at the expo. They changed the game for me. It was easy to use and upload orders, They delivered beautiful products that my clients love, and the turnaround time is unheard of, sometimes only a week from order to delivery! Wow! 

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