Karma & Jim's Iranian Inspired Wedding at High Line Car House / by Angela Fortin Washington

When I met with Karma and Jim before the wedding, they told me that Karma's family has Iranian roots and would be incorporating some elements of those traditions into their wedding day. Anytime there is a chance for me to learn about different cultures and be a part of something new, I get very excited! I wouldn't know until later just how wonderful it would be to meet their families and hear their stories. I really felt like part of the family by the end of the day. 

The groom's Grandmother's sunporch was decorated with flowy white curtains, a Persian rug, and plenty of fans, the light and the atmosphere was perfect for their intimate ceremony. These two have been together since they were in school, you can tell they are best friends and have been through so much of life together. I hope you enjoy their wedding day..

Karma's Aunt from France custom made this gorgeous lace jacket for her dress...so talented!

This is the Iranian Wedding table. Each item has a meaning and a purpose for the wedding day.

Being that I am a big foodie, I was in love with all of these components. The marzipan fruit and eggs are for fertility, the rock candy is for the sugar, which represents the sweetness in their life, and the coins are for prosperity (and read "congratulations". 

Although I couldn't verbally communicate with the Bride's Grandfather, Hadi, I loved spending the morning with him, and his two kids (Father and Aunt of the Bride). Turns out that he is a photographer himself, and a very well accomplished one at that back in Iran. The painting on the wall was a painting Jim had commissioned for Karma with their names written at the bottom. So pretty!

So stunning Karma!

Time for Dad's first look and then Jim's. The expression on Jim when he saw his bride for the first time was priceless, you can tell how much love they have for each other.

After many years together, married at last!!!

A couple more traditions, feeding each other honey as an act of sweetness and a photo of the couple's reflection in their special wedding mirror.

I love this last one.

I love how this venue can look so different depending on the couple. Karma & Jim went with a warm and romantic feel, and it turned out beautiful.

I love this new trend of photo guest books with the new Polaroid style cameras!

Gotta love little kids at weddings..

...and Grandfather's teaching their Granddaughter's how to dance...

One last quiet moment as the new Mr & Mrs...

For those of you who were a part of the wedding and would like access to the full gallery of images from the day, contact me personally or the couple for the link!