How to Rock Your Wedding: Wedding Day Prep

Today is such an odd feeling,

all morning I was with my cousin Shelby and our family while we were preparing for her wedding later today, and I have to keep reminding myself that "I AM NOT WORKING" I am probably annoying asking so many questions and thinking about all the things I would be doing if it was my wedding I was shooting. It inspired me though to post about some things that are almost always going on behind the scenes on a wedding day. Here are the DOS and DON'TS (in my opinion).

Hire Pros for your hair and makeup

Doing an up do can take up to an hour, some people are faster and some are slower but if your friend that is good at hair has never timed herself while styling, this may through your whole day off balance. Also, the pros know how to put together a look that will last ALL DAY long. You go through a lot on your wedding day and you don't want to have to worry about your hair falling out or your makeup smearing if you get too hot!  


Give yourself and your entourage sufficient time to get ready!

Hahn Wedding-0035.jpg

I cannot tell you how many times the timeline gets off track because a bridesmaid or family member went to long with their makeup. A good thing to keep in mind is the fact that everyone should be ready that needs to be in your pictures of you putting your dress on (This is especially a note for the mother of the bride). Always a lot more time for hair and makeup because, let's face it, it is a wedding day and Murphy's Law is in full effect!!!! If you are the bride, don't put pressure on yourself to have to many responsibilities during prep time, delegate to your ladies!!

Have all of your details gathered together

From a photographer's standpoint, this is the BEST when we show up and all of your jewelry, invites, shoes and dress are in one place. We don't want to have to bother people to track these things down. Also a side note, if you can clean your ring THAT MORNING, it helps make your ring shots look really nice! If you have any scraps from decorations from your wedding like ribbon, lace, or flowers, these are also nice to have for your details to make everything tie together nicely!


Hope these quick tips help and give you a little more knowledge on how rock out your wedding prep! 

Liz & Adam's Destination Wedding Lake Michigan!

I am very lucky to say I have some of the most joyful and amazing couples that I get to photograph every year. Liz & Adam are for sure one of them, as I know you will see in their images! They're playful and sweet energy is infectious and their wedding day was full of excitement and overwhelming support. Liz's Mom was there to walk her down the isle, Grandmas and Grandpas were kissed, ladies were twirled and everyone had an amazing time celebrating and eating delicious food in this super cool venue. Take a little peak into their perfect day, it was so hard to narrow it down!

Elina & Graham's Elopement and Reception in Columbus Classic Bistro

Maybe it's that I was excited to hear from an old college friend, or maybe it's that it is always a compliment when a photographer trusts you to take their photo, but I was so happy to shoot this wedding a couple of weeks ago. Whenever I get to experience a new culture or a new food at an event, I know I am going to have a great night.

Adriana & Yvener's Wedding at the Amelita Mirolo Barn!

It is hard for me to believe that I am actually posting this. I have been friends with Adriana since high school and since then we have written many a letter and made many many changes in our life! Through it all, she has always been an amazing friend, so when she asked me to shoot her wedding, I was beyond thrilled! I had only met Yvener once before for their engagement photos, but I had heard a lot more through letters and spending time together when she was in Columbus. 

It is undeniable how much these two love each other when you see them together, it makes my heart smile. Great couples balance and support each other, and most importantly, laugh(a lot)!