AFS Wedding Packaging

I have worked really hard to make sure everything I do, from my website, to my photos, to how I interact with the lady serving me at the deli counter is consistant. As a small business owner, I don't want to create any confusion as to who I am, or what you can expect when working with me professionally or casually...I am my business and I take it very seriously. Having that said, this year I redid my packaging and my website to better showcase both my personality and professionalism.


Who doesn't love a little rock candy?!


I designed the business cards myself and had them printed at Peabody Papers in Grandview. The custom flashdrives are from FLASHBAY


I will be sending this one off to my newly wed couple from this weekend today!

One last look at 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As the New Year is upon us, I thought I should at start it off by appreciating all of the wonderful moments from last year! So here are some of my favorite shots!!! These were just top of mind, so, if you don't see something in there, just know there were too many to pick from and I love you all!

Flash, Family, Fun...

It's always more fun when you are working on a certain skill in photography to have models there who are having fun with it-it makes it feel less like work. That's why practicing with off camera flash with my dogs and cousin was so much fun.

The One Easy Tip You Wouldn't Think of to Improve Your Wedding Photos

I know this is may sound a little silly, but this tip will dramatically change the way your first kiss looks in your photo...AND it is the easiest tip! HERE IT IS...

Tips For The Cell Phone Photographer

Let's face it, the majority of the photos we take today are on our cell phones, and with that in mind, I thought I would share some quick tips I've picked up for getting the most out of your phone's camera. DISCLAIMER: I am a Mac girl, and I can only speak on behalf of my iPhone, although I think the same ideas and rules will apply to other phones too.